By Ben Gerrard

I've always been a huge music fan and lover of all genres... In primary school, I'd enter talent shows and perform Michael Jackson songs for as long as they'd let me have the stage. I'd go and see bands in my teenage years and stare in awe at the guys on stage imagining that it was me playing that guitar solo, singing my lungs out or beating the crap out of those drums... From Pop to Punk, Sinatra to Slipknot, it fascinates me and I love it!


However, life has a funny way of throwing a few unexpected curve balls your way and around my 18th birthday I landed an acting role on channel 4 soap opera "Hollyoaks". At this time, I'd already been in a few small bands and decided to carry on playing in my most recent band, when I could, just for fun.


After 5 successful years as a TV actor, what started out as a hobby developed into something a lot more. I became hugely passionate about the music I was creating and decided to focus more of my time on that for a few years with acting work taking a back seat.

With some money I'd saved I bought a big van, kitted it out with some bunk beds and a splitter for our gear, wrote some new songs and went on tour for 7 years, one of those years playing over 270 shows! We worked so hard and played harder... We enjoyed every minute!  As with most touring bands without any support from a label, over time things change.  A persons priorities change as they grow older and now with a wife and kids to consider, running away in a van for months on end pretending to be a rock star for very little in return just wasn't an option anymore.  At the end of the day, the bills still need to be paid.


My band split and I focused on my little growing family for a while. Now, as I said at the start, I've always loved music so to suddenly not be involved in it in anyway felt somehow wrong so a few years ago, once again, I began to write.


I have been fortunate enough to be able to build on my acting career while still being able to grab the odd spare moment to write, record and produce and little by little, my debut album is coming together and is everything I would want for my first solo venture... Stepping away from years of playing fast and loud in punk and rock bands, this will be a stripped back, acoustic guitar based album full of heartfelt songs and personal experience... I cant wait for you to hear it!


Throughout all of this I have been performing at countless shows across the UK and have had the best time meeting some incredible people along the way. If I sang for you in your local pub, provided the entertainment at your birthday or performed at your wedding and sang your first dance, the pleasure was all mine. Thank you.


I genuinely hope to see you at another show soon and hope you enjoy what I do.

Thank you for everything,